From Wonderland to Weariland [Guest Post by Author Mary Shotwell]...

16 Oct 2016 by

I received an offer from Merge Publishing that I just couldn’t resist – a review copy of Weariland by Mary Shotwell. After reading the book, lazily and completely while in a Florida resort, I had a couple questions for the author.   Why Alice in Wonderland? The story of Alice appealed to me at an early age. Who wouldn’t want to discover a portal to a fantastical land in a backyard? There are many interpretations of the story, and one in particular captivated me before reading the book (several times over). I never connected to the Disney cartoon version, although I know many Alice fans do. I got hooked to the story watchin the 1985 made-for-television movie starring Natalie Gregory. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of your followers haven’t heard of the film....

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Heir of Night by Helen Lowe

29 Mar 2016 by

Heir of Night is a solid entry into the epic fantasy genre with a lot of promise. Synopsis Malian is a girl, but she’s also the Heir to the House of Night. An only child, her line stops with her. According to the old prophecy, if Night falls, all fall. No wonder people begin to panic when the Derai’s ancient enemy, the Darkswarm, target Malian and invade the Keep of Winds. Luckily, Malian has a whole host of interesting people on her side: Kalan, a priest of the Temple; Asantir, Honor Captain; Sister Korriya, blood-kin; Haimyr, a bard full of mystery; Nhairin, the high steward and lifelong guide. After all, the prophecy also stated that when the One came again, she would not be alone. Unfortunately, it seems someone, somewhere has betrayed Malian. While the Earl of Night, Tasarion,...

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Sensory Play by Gayle Jervis and Kristen Jervis Cacka...

27 Feb 2016 by

Sensory Play is a very helpful resource for parents, caregivers, or early childhood educators seeking to integrate more sensory bins and input into their children’s lives.

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Fallen by Traci Slatton [From the Archives]...

15 Oct 2015 by

Grit and baseless hope combine in Fallen, a post-apocalypstic novel about love and poor decisions

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Traci Slatton

14 Oct 2015 by

Traci L. Slatton, author of Fallen, is a graduate of Yale and Columbia, and she also attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, sculptor Sabin Howard, whose classical figures and love for Renaissance Italy inspired her historical novel Immortal and her contemporary vampire art history mystery The Botticelli Affair. Contact Information Traci Slatton’s Website Traci Slatton on Facebook Traci Slatton at Twitter Our Posts About This...

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A Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan...

13 Oct 2015 by

A Crucible of Souls, a driven epic fantasy novel, has all the delicious meat of a Wheel of Time book without any of the fatty repetition.

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Partnerships and Review Copies

8 Oct 2015 by

From Gutter to Gilt works with publishing companies, marketing companies, and authors. In exchange for a free review copy, reviewers provide an honest review. These reviews are not guaranteed to be positive. Reviewers strive to provide constructive criticism, if any is warranted, not flames. Reviews are typically around 400-1000 words. From Gutter to Gilt has partnered with Harper Voyager US as a Harper Voyager Super Reader since January 2014 and with Angry Robot as a member of the Angry Robot Army since July 2014. If you are interested in partnering with From Gutter to Gilt to get your book reviewed, please look over our guidelines and fill out our submission...

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