Founded in July 2014, From Gutter To Gilt is a twice-weekly blog that features book reviews, author interviews and guest posts, and news on the book publishing industry across multiple genres. Expect new content on Monday and Thursday of each week.

Why From Gutter To Gilt? 

The gutter of a book is the inside margin on two pages nearest to the binding while the gilt is typically on the outer edges of the page. Therefore, the denotative layer of From Gutter To Gilt signifies an entire page. We’ve expanded this to entire and full coverage of the book publishing industry. Gutter is also a word that is sometimes used to talk about often trash-filled rainwater trenches beside roads with a connotation of something bad, whereas gilt is gold leaf ornamentation with a connotation that sometimes means to attempt to make something extra pleasing. This connotative layer adds a “from bad to good” meaning to From Gutter to Gilt.